Our Mission

  • To provide work opportunities in a land where work is scarce.
  • To contribute to the education and inspiration of the local children.
  • To maintain the Quechua culture.
  • To provide a safe haven for children who may be stressed by familial and economic factors.

Our mission encompasses many different aspects of the lives of our friends in Ecuador.  One facet begins with providing work opportunities to the many talented weavers and knitters throughout the region.  Talent is plentiful, yet the problem they faced is that they lacked the outlet through which they could sell their beautiful creations for a sustainable living wage.  This is where we come in.  We consider ourselves their conduit; we move things along to keep food on people’s tables and help them provide education for their children to enhance the future of their communities.  The artisans themselves are also committed to working within their communities, as is required, so that this employment we provide does not only help a select few, but the entire community.

We as Amor ala Vida provide financial assistance for schools, education supplies, and health care. Even an x-ray, while it costs only $35.00, can be an overwhelming obstacle for many families. It’s daunting and without our help, many families would ignore or not pursue the care that can be essential. We also can provide the bus fare to people can get to the clinics in larger cities where more modern facilities exist. Emotional support and encouragement has also come under our umbrella of love. The artisans can and do guide us in what is needed most throughout the year when we are not there.

Note:  The money made through the sale of these fair trade items benefits not only the knitters and weavers who have an opportunity to provide for their family, which is huge just by itself, but also raises money which is then brought back to the village and used for various projects.  So far we have been able to provide health care for children, clothing, concrete blocks, rebar, mortar, and labor with which to help build a new school.  Also, we have been able to donate food, cameras, and school supplies and support several other community projects through the Imbabura province.

Check our facebook page – Amor a la Vida- Saranac Lake/Ecuador, where we post photos of the communities, the work process, the construction of a school, distribution of supplies, and the friendly faces of our families.